Humic Acid - Ancient Black Gold

Humic Acid - Ancient Black Gold

Back Gold Medicine as the ancients called it, was used through history and continues to this day to be used as an outstanding healer since the 14th century Ming dynasty. “Ming” means brightness.
Many reports on the beneficial use of humic substances, especially Fulvic acid, for human health and medicine have been published. These include reports documented in the Chinese Material Medica pharmacological compendium, dating back to the 15th century Ming Dynasty. During that period, a very famous medical doctor, Li Shi Zhen, used "Wujinsan", meaning "golden medicine", containing humic and Fulvic acids as the active ingredient.
Humic Acid:  Mother Nature’s most powerful broad spectrum antibiotic.
Benefits: •  80+ minerals •  Potent Anti viral properties •  Promotes bone regeneration •  Clinically proven anti-inflammatory •  Burns fat and builds muscle •  Immune boosting •  Hormone balancing •  Anti carcinogenic properties •  Protection from harmful chemicals •  Protects against asthma and bronchitis, fibromyalgia, auto immune disorders, diabetes and tuberculosis •  Clinically shown to Block all viruses, including HIV and Herpes viruses Block all viruses, including HIV and Herpes viruses

Excerpts From:

"Medical Aspects and Applications of Humic Substances"
Regarding the Antiviral Activity of Humic Substances
Prof. Dr. Renate Klocking & Dr. Rer. net. Bjorn Helbig
Institute for Antiviral Chemotherapy.
-- Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany

Humic substances have been also known to exhibit anti-microbial properties. Microbial Species for which natural humic substances have been shown to be inhibitory include:

  • C Albicans
  • Ent. Cloacac
  • Prot. Vulgaris
  • Ps. Aeruginosa
  • St. . typhimurium
  • St. aureus
  • St. epidermidis
  • Str. pyogenes
"It seems that within the body, humates stimulate the "good" microbes while suppressing the "bad" microbes." -- Dr. Daryl See, M.D., Immunologist of UCLA Medical School

What is Humic Acid ?

So what, you may be asking yourself, is this "Miracle Substance?" The answer lies in the Earth's very own ancient and rich soil deposits more commonly known as Humus. Humus is that organic portion of soil that remains after millions of years of microbial decomposition of plants and vegetation.

Further decomposition of these ancient remains form our oil and coal deposits. But geologists have found another most unusual strata that are called humic deposits.

They are quite rare and can be found only in certain areas of the world. It is these deposits that are exceedingly rich in our miraculous, little known substance called Humic Acid.

Humic acid is a chief constituent of humus - the organic material found in soil that encourages the growth of plants by providing organic nutrition that is taken in by the roots from the soil. Humic acid is also found in abundance in peat, oceans, humic lakes (common to taiga regions of Europe, Asia and North America), etc.

Apart from being potent anti viral agent, humates also have specific anti microbicidal properties. When added to soil, humates eliminate harmful microbes from the soil, but retain the good ones so that only beneficial microbes are passed on to organisms that feed on these plants.

Immune System Boosting Properties:

Humic acid is composed of sugars that act as catalysts, encouraging the body to produce glycoproteins that bind to the two chief lymphocytes that perform immune functions - the Natural Killer Cells and T-Cells. This binding causes these immune system cells to remain balanced by establishing a communication pathway among them. This function of humic acid enables the immune system to identify the body's own dead cells from infected cells which is very important in cases of serious injuries from burns and radiation as an inability to differentiate between dead and infected cells causes the immune system to attack the body's own dead cells. This can lead to serious infections post injury.

Anti Viral Properties:

Laboratory experiments using soil samples containing humic acid and humates have shown strong anti viral properties when experimented upon certain strains of rhino-virus (the chief common cold and influenza pathogen), herpes simplex virus (HPV), coxsackie virus and even the much dreaded human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)! That could mean that the cure for herpes and HIV/AIDS could very well be available in the near future!

Blood Detoxifying Effects:

Fulvic acid present in humates is a powerful natural chelate which, when it enters the bloodstream, has the effect of detoxifying the blood by removing traces of toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead from the blood stream.

Humic Soil also known as Peat

Humic Acid is a natural ionic molecule extracted from ancient organic soil deposits containing key elements for our nutrient starved world. These ancient soil deposits — named humus, or humin, from the Greek word for soil, is vital for the reversal and prevention of disease and essential for optimal health. Humic acid contains highly-concentrated minerals and healing substances. These healing substances are composed of long chain molecules which are high in molecular weight, dark brown to black in color and soluble in an alkaline solution.  Humic acid binds to both positive and negative charged ions making it the most powerful free radical natural anti-oxidant scavenger.

The humic acid molecule prevents viruses from re-attaching to host cells by coating the receptor sites of the viruses with a thin protective film, a process known as “viral fusion inhibition. This prevents viruses from binding with cells. This supports the body’s natural ability to arrest the growth of the most threatening viruses.  Humic acid’s function is to balance and energize all cell life and biological properties it comes in contact with.

Humic the Missing Link

Until recently, most of the world has been kept in the dark about a "miraculous" medical discovery that is so safe, powerful and effective that "doctors" spanning the globe have used it for thousands of years with amazing results.

Called the "missing link" to optimum health and nutrition by leading scientists, medical studies have shown that this "secret extract" has the ability to change one's life for the better.

Scientists have discovered this "missing link" in our food chain, and can see that the rapidly increasing degenerative diseases worldwide may be directly related to the absence of this substance in the human diet.

Now, experts know that more than vitamins and minerals are required for optimal health, and this third nutritional element may be equally important.

This breakthrough discovery is supported by little-known and even secret medical research coming from top institutions around the world... medical schools, hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Most of the world doesn't yet know about this amazing discovery and for some very good reasons:

  • 1. Scientists didn't know it existed, couldn't detect it, and when they finally did identify it, it was so complex that they couldn't understand it.
  • 2. Some of the medical institutions doing the research are more interested in making enormous profits from developing synthetic patented drugs, which is why they prefer you not know about this natural alternative.
  • 3.Pharmaceutical companies have been rushing to patent synthetic versions of this natural substance, and dozens of patents have been approved. Yet Mother Nature has them all beat because they'll never be able to duplicate her handiwork. This substance is far too complex!
  • 4. An estimated 80% of pharmaceutical drugs are tiny, isolated synthetic fractions of this WHOLE AND COMPLETE "missing link" from nature.
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