Bio - Remediation of Radiation with Fulvic Acid

Bio - Remediation of Radiation with Fulvic Acid

Dr. Jackson was awarded FIRST PLACE in the Non-Fiction Book Category of the 1994 National Self-Publishing Awards by Writer's Digest for his book:

Humic, Fulvic and Microbial Balance: Organic Soil Conditioning


This text is a thorough reference book that summarizes over nine years of Dr. Jackson's concentrated research and writing interests. Written for a diverse audience, the text is useful for gardeners, farmers, ranchers, agricultural researchers, everyone interested in safe, sane and productive growing, and those interested in nature's natural, biochemical remediation processes. Dr. Jackson advocates a wider use of organic soil conditioners to improve fertility and supports this position by detailed discussions of scientific evidence. 


Chapter topics include humification, Humic and Fulvic phenomenon, water, nature's nitrogen cycle, organo-clays, growth regulator stimulants, and toxic waste remediation. The textbook contains a bibliography with over 1,500 entries, a glossary defining over 400 words, and a detailed index. The review published by the Bulletin of the International Society of Soil Science describes Humic, Fulvic and Microbial Balance: Organic Soil Conditioning, in a positive, supportive tone.


During 1995 Dr. Jackson wrote the following three booklet publications:

Fabulous Fulvic Electrolyte

The Calcium Deception

The Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Silica Link.


Dr. Jackson turned to environmental issues in his third major book:

Environmental Care & Share, Working Model Constructs Which Suggest: "We can do better," published in January 1995. In this book Dr. Jackson reviews the individuals, institutions, and entities, affecting the environment of the United States, and the world, and the roles they play. This review describes government regulations and regulatory bodies, corporations, including insurance companies, unions, and individuals in various positions of influence. Environmental Care and Share contains California Proposition 65, EPA, and OSHA tables which list chemicals known to be toxic, hazardous, carcinogenic, and apparent birth-defect precursors. In his pleasantly pragmatic manner, he explains how the health and safety of earth's inhabitants can be improved by describing products which are safe alternatives to the chemicals listed as toxic, hazardous, carcinogenic, and apparent birth-defect precursors. Dr. Jackson challenges readers to exercise their personal influence by using products that are safe to humans, animals and the environment.


An article Dr. Jackson researched and co-authored, "Some Functions of Enzymes," was published in the August 1997 POULTRY DIGEST. ACRES USA published an interview with Dr. Jackson by Charles Walters title, "Restoring Life to the Soil," in November 1997, and his article, "Protecting Your Soil's Micro-organisms," in December 1997. In 2002, Dr. Jackson researched and co-presented "From Humic Substances in Academia To The Needs Of International Commerce," to the 20th conference of the International Humic Substance Society. In October 2002, Dr. Jackson's article, "Reduction of Hazardous Levels of Agricultural Nitrogen in Water and Soil," was published in the Journal of Medical Hypothesis. To help provide alternatives to toxic and hazardous chemical products, Dr. Jackson has formulated numerous safe products for agriculture (including livestock), industry and human use. Among these products are seven all natural, animal feed and water additive products which passed the FDA & AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements in 1997 and which were upgraded and re-labeled under "The Answer®" brand line of products in 2003.


Also in The Answer® line of products are: The Cleaner Answer® (originally labeled Environmental Care & Share, Dispersant/Degreaser,) – a multiple benefit substitute solvent which has been thoroughly tested with positive results as a safe alternative cleaner for government, military, industry, farm and home use; and, The Bio-N-Liven Answer® (originally labeled EC&S Bio-Stimulant) – a multi-enzyme based product formulated to work in conjunction with nature for the rapid stimulation of organic, microbial action in the remediation of waste, composting and odor control. Both products received USDA approval in 1994.


Since 1999, Dr. Jackson has once again been turning his attentions toward human health issues and formulated as Osteo-Min-Zyme and Vita-Min-Zyme – multi-enzyme-based supplements to aid in digestion as well as provide balanced, organic vitamins, trace minerals and electrolytes. Both products are formulated to help the body maintain strength, balance and wellness.

Dr. Jackson teamed up with Hoshizaki of Japan to produce the custom designed WRJ-Ag-ROX-02 Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water equipment to provide a way to clean, disinfect and sterilize without hazardous or toxic chemicals. Approved by the USDA, EPA and FDA, and researched by universities in both the U.S. and Japan, WRJ-Ag-ROX-02 Electrolyzed Oxidizing water is versatile, effective, and bottom-line friendly. Dr. Jackson's tireless enthusiasm and enduring dedication to improving the lives of Earth's inhabitants is compelling and sure to inspire anyone who meets him, hears his presentations, or reads material he has written.


Fulvic acid

"If the Creator felt that it was necessary to design something to solve multiple problems, and if this Creator wanted to show us the magic and miracle of pulling 'rabbits from a hat,' then an outstanding job was done with the design of Fulvic acid." -- Dr. William R. Jackson, President of Environmental Care & Share

"If I had to choose between Fulvic acid(s) and electricity, electricity would have to go." -- Dr. William R. Jackson

Other scientists claim that there would be no life on planet Earth without Fulvic acid(s).

Care and Share book Dr.Bill Jacksons

Scientist and president of Environmental Care & Share, Dr. William Jackson, Ph.D, has pioneered innovation in the organic fertilizer industry and is often referred to as "the father of organic science."  His book Organic Soil Conditioning is often called "the bible of organic farming.


Dr. Jackson's interest in healthy soil and safe products began as a child raised in a small farm community of Idaho where he had watched his grandfather’s two horses plow a field that would now require a huge tractor.  Over the past 50 years Dr. Jackson witnessed, first hand, the impact of major agricultural use of inorganic chemical salt fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, hormones and antibiotics on human and environmental health.

The negative impact of chemical fertilizers inspired Dr. Jackson to innovate organic methods that could help renew the soil, improve crop production, and help remove harmful chemicals from the human food chain. 

The environments of birds, animals, and humans needed some care and there were problems that needed some answers.



Dr. Jackson's Microbial Bio Remediation for Radio Active Waste

" In the early 1990's Doctor William Jackson had asked us to keep this knowledge about his proven solution confidential for his life had been threatened by top officials of Westinghouse Corp. I am making the decision in the summer of 2013 to share this knowledge here and now in the aftermath of Fukushima because the global family is not yet finished with the worst man-made nuclear disaster in the history of the world" Author Unknown 



"Doctor Bill Jackson told us that he had been invited to a Westinghouse Corp. facility in the USA Midwest to test his Fulvic Acid based Formula on 200 barrels of liquid nuclear waste being stored there until there was a designated burial site for the drums. Which is usually down near Carlesbed Caverns of southern New Mexico. Bill applied his formula and custom designed filter system to each drum of liquid nuclear waste and closed the lid on each one. Westinghouse personal and higher ups showed great support and interest as he did all 200 of them. He said now they must sit for several weeks and upon his return will be tested to see if they are totally restored to clear water." Author Unknown


"Doctor Jackson returned but no one was at the yard gate to let him in and he had to flag someone down inside to go get a higher up to open up and let him in to test his 200 drums of liquid nuclear waste with his Fulvic Humic formula in it. Finally, someone showed up to let him in and do a test. Test proved 100% pure water in the drum that had once been full of the deadly nuclear waste cocktail. So, he did a few more. All were now pure water. More higher ups came out to him and announced that he needs to get off the property immediately if he wants to live. And to never come back and to never speak of this incident with Westinghouse nuclear waste storage division. Bill told us he was very frightened by this turn around position that the higher ups took with him and the solution so desperately needed. Bill went home and decided to only focus on agricultural aspects of his discovery." Author Unknown



Headquartered near Denver, C.O, employee-owned CH2M HILL is a global leader in engineering, procurement, construction, management and operations for government, civil, industrial and energy clients. With $6.4 billion in revenue and more than 23,500 employees, CH2M HILL is an industry-leading program management, construction management and design firm, as ranked by Engineering News-Record (2008). The firm's work is concentrated in the areas of energy, water, transportation, environmental, nuclear and industrial facilities. The firm has long been recognized as a most-admired company and leading employer, including being named by FORTUNE as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For (2009).

In 2001 a introduced was made to Environmental Company C H 2 M Hill CEO, Ralph Peterson.


"Ralph Peterson showed much interest in Dr. Jackson's discovery in regards to cleaning up liquid nuclear waste and wanted to see if he could have it tested at the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico just outside of Santa Fe. Los Alamos Labs also stores hundreds of drums of liquid nuclear waste products there on site until they can be shipped down south to the Carlsbad caverns." Author Unknown


  On 2 September, 2009, Mr. Ralph R. Peterson passed away after a long battle with cancer. Mr. Peterson joined CH2M HILL in 1965 as its 148th employee. From 1991 through 2008 he served as the firm's chief executive officer. Mr. Peterson also served as CEO for the Coalition to Advance Sustainable Technology, and played an important role in President Clinton's National Environmental Technology Initiative. He served as a private sector delegate at international forums including the World Water Forum, China's National Sustainable Development Conference, and the Rio + 5 Summit. He was a member of the Engineering and Construction Governors of the World Economic Forum, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Business Environment Leadership Council of the Pew Center for Global Climate Change, Secretary of Energy's National Petroleum Council and the Executive Committee of the Council on Competitiveness.



"I called Ralph Peterson back as he had requested of me on Sept. 11, 2001 at his office in Denver, Colorado and his secretary said that he was not interested and that Los Alamos was not interested because these companies like Westinghouse are on a long-term contract with the government to bury the drums down in Carlsbad caverns and elsewhere for a very exclusive price per drum whereas Jackson's cure and solution would cost pennies in comparison. Just after I hung up the telephone from this discouraging response from Ralph Peterson, C H 2 M Hill and Los Alamos Labs I turned on I TV and there on every channel was the 911 film footage being played. It had just happened. Look at the timing of this coincidence!" --Author Unknown


"It also cleanses the entire surface of the Earth of pollution, pesticides, and toxins of all kinds. Thousands of scientific studies exist to prove it. Russian scientists used it to clean up the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, including the soil, animals, and people exposed to the radiation. According to Dr. William r. Jackson, Fulvic acid annihilates radiation! " -- Author Unknown

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