Ayurvedic Medicine"Shilajit",Fulvic Acid" or "Body of Shiva".

Ayurvedic Medicine"Shilajit",Fulvic Acid" or "Body of Shiva".

Fulvic acid is an essential component of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of natural healing. It helps to balance the three doshas, or energies, in the body and can be used to treat a variety of ailments. 

Fulvic acid, a hidden treasure renowned longevity and health of isolated Himalayan cultures is linked to fulvic acid extracted from fossil-like humic substances.

 For centuries traditional medical doctors in remote areas of the Himalayas have claimed that "Shilajit", a rare humic substance high in Fulvic acid, can "arrest the aging process" and "induce revitalization". Historical documents testify to the amazing longevity and health of these people who often live well beyond 100 years of age. Now the physiological functions behind these claims are being substantiated by leading medical hospitals and pharmacologists around the world. 

Fulvic acid extracts from the humic substances found on the high mountain slopes of the Himalayas, have been used for centuries by the isolated inhabitants of that region as a "rejuvenator, a class of drugs reputed to arrest the aging process and to induce revitalization", according to quotes from leading pharmacologists studying them. The traditional medical claims of "rehabilitation of muscles, bones and nerves", treatment of "geriatric complaints including arthritis, diabetes and allergic manifestations," dementia, etc., are now being proven, along with their mode of action, by pharmacologists and many other medical doctors and scientists. 

The various pharmacological studies reveal that the Fulvic acids exhibit results" sufficiently impressive", and "more effective" than several currently available immune system regulators. The Fulvic acids "produced significant effects", as an anti-stress agent, in relieving stomach ulcers, preventing allergic reactions, and in activating the immune system against tumor cells. "The results support the use" of fulvic acids "as an adjuvant [assisting in the prevention, amelioration, or cure] in the therapy of diabetes", to quote leading pharmacologists. 

In recent years, leading scientists, doctors, and pharmacologists from major hospitals and universities in India, Russia, and China have become more conscious of the purported anti-aging and health claims associated with the Fulvic acids, and have been looking deeper into the assertions coming from traditional health practitioners of the region. 

 The inhabitants and areas of the Himalayan belt that are mentioned in the many and growing number of scientific and medical studies documenting this research include: The Tibetans of the Tibet region of China, the Georgian Russians living in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, the Hunzas of Pakistan and Afghanistan (Hindu Kush and Karakoram Mountains), the Sherpas in Nepal, the people of the Kashmir region, and the Indians living in the Kumaon, Himalayas, Vindhyas and Aravallis Mountains of India.

 West Pakistan Hunza women preparing medicinal herbs. They take Shilajit daily and work until age 100 or older!

"Very few people know about humic acid. In India it is called Shaljit (Shilajit translates as "rock overpowering,") the black variety possesses the greatest therapeutic benefits, which is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine, but more people however know about the people of Hunzas who live to be over 100 years old. The source of humic acid comes from the leornardite layers of the brown coal. Leornardite is the plant juices that dried up through oxidation. What is so interesting is that it was formed when dinosaurs were roaming the earth. To make a long story short, this humic acid contains an active ingredient called fulvic acid which has over 70+ minerals chelated." -- Parhatsathid Nabadalung


Leonardite is a natural form of humates, Fulvic acid is present in humates completely organic in nature . Leonardite is found throughout the world.

It is a well-known fact that a large number of individuals in the Himalayan belt live to well over 100 years of age, and often are reported to live to 120-140 years or more, maintaining excellent health throughout their entire lives. People of the region that use fulvic acid preparations made from the rare humic substance not only report significant health benefits for themselves, but for their animals as well, and most people lack the degenerative diseases common to other cultures today.


 Ayurvedic Healing

Traditional Ayurvedic medicine throughout the Himalayan belt lists the indigenous humic substance and resultant Fulvic acids as a "rasayana" or rejuvenator, a class of drugs reputed to arrest the aging process and induce revitalization of attenuated physiological functions. The special endurance attributed to the Sherpas, including their ability to survive extremely cold conditions and high altitudes has also been linked to these substances during the medical studies. 

Traditional medicine of the region prescribes the local rare Fulvic acid extract in genito-urinary diseases, diabetes, jaundice, gallstones, enlarged spleen, digestive disorders, epilepsy, nervous diseases, elephantiasis, chronic bronchitis, dementia, arthritis, and anemia. The humic extract has been shown to accelerate the process of rehabilitation of muscles, bones and nerves, and is used to treat many geriatric complaints including memory loss, and is believed to increase cerebral functions. It has also proven useful as an aphrodisiac, rejuvenator, alternative tonic, stimulant, internal antiseptic, diuretic, lithontriptic, and is used for treatment of respiratory problems, worms, piles, adiposity, renal and bladder stones, nervous diseases, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, eczema, anorexia, and fracture of bones. 


Historically, Fulvic acids from the Himalayan region have been shown effective for treatment of cold stress, diabetes, tumors, skin diseases, rheumatic pain, kidney stones, heart ailments, leprosy, and many other ailments. Fulvic acids are also a panacea of oriental medicine, where they continue to be used extensively. These discoveries are most significant, considering the fact that the various cultures of these remote Himalayan regions have used organic farming practices for centuries, which promote soil and crops already rich in natural humic/fulvic substances. 

Yet these people still find that additional Fulvic acid supplementation and medication proves highly beneficial to their health, and alleviates disease problems when they arise. This shows that the ancient vegetation, which was the source for the Fulvic acids, has exceptional properties that may even surpass those of vegetation found anywhere on Earth today. The humic deposits of the region were exposed at the time of uplift of the Himalayas, and are normally found from about 5,000-15,000 feet of elevation. These humic deposits are exposed by landslides, excavation or road-cutting. It is important to note that similar high quality humic substances found in various other regions of the Earth show similar results. 

However, the fulvic acids from the shilajit humic have some most unusual characteristics. 

Humic and Fulvic Acid's are found in Shilajit 'The Nectar of Life' Shilajit which contains Fulvic acid originating from the body Lord Shiva Shilajit has extensive mention in ancient Hindu literature. 


King Chandra Varma who is supposed to have ruled much of northern India had to spent most of his youthful years in governing the vast empire, waging wars and protecting it from the enemies. When there was peace and stability in his kingdom he was past 60 years of age. He wanted to enjoy the pleasures of life. He unfortunately found that he had lost all his youthfulness and could not enjoy the natural pleasures of life despite having enormous material wealth and power. He then went on penance in the mountains of Himalayas and prayed to Lord Shiva - prime most among Hindu Gods and considered as the originator of Yoga. Lord Shiva was pleased with his prayer and offered him a substance originating from his body. 

That restored King Chandra Varma's youthfulness. That substance is Shilajit and is found mostly in Himalayan mountains. King Chandra Varma who was the first to take Shilajit is considered immortal and revered even now by local populace in India. Lord Buddha who was originally born into a royal family is considered as one of the descendants of King Chandra Varma. There is also extensive mention of Shilajit as a powerful aphrodisiac and restorer of youthfulness in The Kama Sutra - the most widely read treatise on physical relations.

Kama Sutra is a traditional East Indian philosophy that mentions the health and spiritual method of love making between a male and a female. This ancient Kama Sutra lovemaking book has mentioned some very important tips to improve the vitality for both men and women. Sex is one of the important part of any living being. Besides anything else it is the way by which our human species reproduce and give birth to its own kind to carry on with the progeny. Kama Sutra philosophy has made a relationship of man and women interesting and pleasurable. Sex is actually an attraction that is caused by the hormones the runs in males as well as females. There is no one in the world that does not have the desire for sex until and unless there is some kind of physical or mental problem. 

To keep the natural hormones excreting and circulating properly and to sustain blissful sexual activity, the Kama Sutras have mentioned an herb named Shilajit which contains Humic Acid .As per Kama Sutra the 1800 year old love making book, Humic Acid (Shilajit) is regarded as the 'Nectar of Life' or may be called Amrit. Amrit is defined as providing life. And yes Humic Acid aka Shilajit will do the same. It helps in reviving ones youthful vigor. This mineral is a phenomenal herb that not only helps in increasing the strength of the body and sexual force but also helps in promoting immunity as well as general vitality. Humic or Shilajit is known for the properties for providing the youthfulness to a person who consumes it. It has so much rich organo-mineral properties that it revitalizes body to rejuvenate each and every body cell to make it perform like a young person.

 In Ayurvedic, or traditional Indian medicine, a small amount of Shilajit is taken in warm milk, he says, to improve libido and treat a range of health problems such as diabetes and anemia. In his practice. Benefits of Humic Acid (Shilajit) as per Kama Sutra practice:

  1. Rectifies general weakness and body debility
  2. Rejuvenates natural energy in the body.
  3. Provides vigor and lust
  4. Builds up stamina and confidence
  5. Improves radiant luster on body and face
  6. Provides vital strength and sexual power.
  7. Provides negative ion activity
  8. Improves sexual rejuvenation
  9. Provides body and mind deep satisfaction
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